ATTEN AT 858D+ 220V SMD Hot Air Rework Digital Station Solder Blower Gun New DE

ATTEN AT 858D+ 220V SMD Hot Air Rework Digital Station Solder Blower Gun New DE

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● Sensor closed loop , microcomputer zero trigger temperature control , LED display , high power, rapid heating, temperature accuracy and stability , without affecting the amount of wind , truly free desoldering .
● Adjustable air flow , air volume and a gentle wind , easy temperature regulation, can be adapted to a variety of purposes .
● handle is equipped with sensor switch, as long as the grip handle, the system can quickly enter the working mode ; handle released into the handle frame , the system will enter standby mode, real-time operating convenience .
● The LED display indicates temperature , precise temperature control makes the operation more convenient ;
● High -quality heater at the same power can be doubled to extend the working life of the heater , saving electricity.
● The system has automatic cold function , prolong life and protect the hot air heating element grab .
● plastic shell , compact body , beautiful, occupied for a small desk area .
● long-life brushless fan , minimal noise.
● blowing , welding components with plastic deformation. Such as blowing the phone ringer , insert the end of the connector blocks and other deformation.
● blow shield box does not change color , fast and convenient .
● Welding PCB is not blowing bubbles .
● Dismantling plastic BGA-IC is not easy with broken legs . More secure, and reliable.

Technical Parameters:
Power supply voltage : AC 220V/50Hz
Power consumption : 700W (Max)
Airflow type: brushless fan soft wind
Air flow : 120L/min ( maximum )
Temperature adjustment range : 100 ~ 450
Display : LED digital display ( resolution of 1 )
Handle length ( including the handle line ): 120cm
Noise : <40dB
Nozzle : A1130, A1170A, A1110
Heater : 700W AT858 imported heating wire
Dimensions : 151 × 100 × 153 (L × W × H) mm
Weight: about 1.5K

Packing List ( Please check the package when you buy in order to confirm the list of the items listed is correct. )
● Device Host: 1
● handle assembly : Group 1
● handle frame : 1
● Power cord: 1
● Instructions : 1
● nozzle : 3
● Warranty Card: 1

● Suitable for most surface mount soldering and rework parts , such as SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA , etc.
● Rework large and small circuit board shielded cover , box, convenient and fast. Heat shrinkable tube , heat shrinkable PVC pipe .
● Small metal , machinery and body warm-up , slack fasteners .
● PVC coating , waterproof canvas stitch welding , seam welding with asphalt roof . Use high-temperature disinfection of animal cages , sterilization , insecticide work .
● PVC , polystyrene, high-temperature plastic, wood stereotypes .
● frost or freezing material , pipes, mechanical body to thaw.
● Paint , filters, drying glue .
● all non- fire heating .

● Rework Station and around the outlet may have a high temperature , care should be taken to guard against burns.
● heating handle must be placed in the handle holder, must not be placed countertops or elsewhere.
● Keep the outlet flow, can not have obstruction.
● work completed, must be placed in a heated handle grip frame , so that the machine automatically cooled to below 100 ( standby) to turn off the power switch.
● When using the object 's distance from the outlet and at least 2 mm, to calculate the outlet .
● According to the work requirements , the selection of suitable wind Tsui, Tsui different wind , the temperature may vary slightly .

Replace the heating element:
● Replace the heating element should be cooling , disconnect the power cord should be replaced .
● As shown , loosen the two screws on the handle .
● Unscrew the handle shell 1 , and then remove the handle shell 2 .
● Gently removing the fan , remove the screws fixed wiring board .
● The wiring board , in turn , apart from the patch panel cable heating element , pay attention to the connection line position .
● Remove the heater and wrap heater mica paper from the pipe , and be careful not broken pipe on the ground .
● Mica wrapped in paper with the new heating element , insert it into the pipe , note that the heating element to be installed in place.
● According to the original location of the cable connecting the heating element .
● Press to open the program when installed opposite the handle .

Note !:
1 When replacing the heating element, be careful not to damage the pipe on the ground .
2 Replace the fan cable so pay attention not to damage .
3 Case 1:00 back mounted handle , the handle fixed column to be fixed on the shell hole in the steel pipe .

Security Code:
1 Before using a hot air gun , must comply with the following basic measures to avoid electric shock or bodily injury caused by fire or other hazards .
2 In order to ensure personal safety , must be used by the original approved or recommended parts and accessories , otherwise it will lead to serious consequences !
3 must be performed by a qualified appliance repair technician or factory designated person !
● Be careful , high-temperature operation , do not use near flammable or explosive gases in the vicinity , objects, spray nozzles and heat are very hot and can burn the body , do not touch the heat pipe or heat injection body .
● After the hot air gun is turned on, do not leave their jobs .
● Do not allow children to touch the hot air gun .
● Install the nozzle can not be opened when the hot air gun , heat pipe and nozzle must be cooled in order to install .
● Keep the inlet and outlet flow, can not have obstruction.
● After use , remember to cool the body , the handle should be released into the handle frame , the machine into standby mode after the shutdown.
● long-term is not used , you should unplug the power cord.


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